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30 June 2016

The Top 5 Recruitment Metrics, Part One: Metrics Categories

“Gut instinct is not reliable in terms of scalability. When you’ve got a 10 person business, the owner can know, in specific detail, what’s going on at everyone's individual desk. Now, we’ve got a business of 60. There’s no one person in the business that has an in depth understanding of everything that's going on. Working off data allows us to establish what true north is in any given situation and then act accordingly, in real time.”

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09 June 2016

How can I build a scalable and highly profitable recruitment agency?

Turn Your Recruitment Team into a Data-Driven Machine and Reap the Revenue Rewards

“The reason we were able to scale, is because from the early stages, we had systems. We had a modus operandi. We took a scientific approach. We were KPI driven.  We knew the order of importance of those metrics.” -- Russell Clements

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02 June 2016

The top 53 Recruitment Resources all in one place

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31 May 2016

Introducing Charting


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04 May 2016

cube19 Goes Mobile


Did you know that cube19 is available on mobile devices and tablets?

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28 April 2016

Using Tags to Segment Recruitment Data like a Champion

Just when you thought cube19 couldn’t get any more awesome, we’ve gone and made it easier to answer questions with data.

We give you Tags.

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11 February 2016

Customer Update: Barrington Hibbert Associates expands to NYC, announces cube19 partnership

I love hearing about our customers' growth. Last week Barrington Hibbert Associates annouced that they are opening their first US office in the Big Apple.

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10 February 2016

Bond Adapt delivers enterprise-grade business intelligence and performance management with cube19 partnership

* As covered in Recruitment International, OnRec, and Recruiter


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08 February 2016

Video: How to Improve Data Quality in your Recruitment CRM

Improving your CRM data quality is one of the best ways to ensure that your analytics & business intelligence deliver great results for your recruitment agency.

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27 January 2016

Top Tips to Improve your Recruitment CRM Data Quality in 10 mins

"What happens when you can't see the wood for the trees?"

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