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10 May 2018

Recruitment's Biggest Innovation Yet

The biggest innovation in recruitment has been with us all along, but most of us have just been approaching it in the wrong way.


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20 March 2018

cube19 Joins The Recruitment Network as a Gold Partner

We’re very pleased to announce that cube19, the number one cloud-based business intelligence and gamification platform for staffing companies, has joined The Recruitment Network as a Gold Partner.

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20 March 2018

itris integration launched

Reporting is a fundamental aspect for any recruitment agency and although itris already supported this functionality, they have now integrated with cube19 to maximise this aspect of the system.

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14 March 2018

How Will Recruitment Change in 2018?

In 2018 recruitment is thriving as an industry but it’s also changing rapidly. For agencies that want to see 2019, change might also mean survival.

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OnPoint has arrived - Custom, Comparative Snapshots

Our latest feature, OnPoint is available now for Enterprise customers.

OnPoint allows you to create a dynamic and customisable snapshot comparing how multiple offices, teams or individuals are performing against target across multiple metrics and ratios.

OnPoint snapshots also retain the ability to drill down to the underlying data - ensuring that the more in-depth questions can be answered without navigating around the platform.

Final Screen shot.png

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Harrington Starr's Toby Babb on cube19 & Bullhorn

Hear how Toby Babb, CEO of Harrington Starr, uses cube19 alongside their Bullhorn database to gain a greater insight into their data that allows them to grow. Using cube19 also improves the use and accuracy of Bullhorn too. Toby Babb says 'The service we receive from cube19 is exceptional.'

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LHi's Tom Glanfield on cube19 & Itris

Tom Glanfield talks about LHi's use of cube19 with their database itris. Tom Glanfield comments 'If you’re properly serious about scaling a business, the key driver that most people lose track of is data quality and reporting and that is critical when scaling a business.'

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Enterprise's Warwick Neutze on cube19 & RDB

Warwick Neutze, CEO of Enterprise, talks about why they implemented cube19 and states  'implementing cube19 has changed the way we manage the business, it has become the central source for our information.'

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ROC Search's Andrew Mace on cube19 & Microdec

Andrew Mace, Director of Innovation and Stuff at Roc Search, talks about why they implemented cube19 and states, "We're growing with the help of cube19 around 30-35% each year.”

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Spencer Ogden's Bradley Lewington on cube19 & Bullhorn

Spencer Ogden's CEO, Bradley Lewington, talks about how implementing cube19 with their database, Bullhorn is benefiting the organisation.

Before cube19, Spencer Ogden like many recruitment agencies spent a vast amount of time putting reports together from multiple sources. Bradley Lewington states, 'Since implementing cube19 we don't have to run reports anymore so it's a much less onerous job from a database administration and IT perspective. It has also enabled us to make data driven decisions much more easily and quickly.'

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