Case Study: Prime People

Prime People increased Net Fee Income by 24% within 6 months of starting with cube19 by implementing data-driven methodologies, increasing data visibility, and improving data quality. 

Prime People had a goal: build a fast-growing family of recruitment companies. They realised that becoming data-driven would help them scale efficiently, plan for the future, and continuously improve their processes. They’ve agreed to share their experiences and lessons learned along the way in this case study.

Key Insights:

  • Using Visibility to increase Team Performance
  • Using Visibility to increase CRM usage and Data Quality
  • Improved Data Quality leads to Predictable Revenue and Accurate Forecasting



"In the six months since we started with cube19, our usage of Bond Adapt has improved by 50%, our data is cleaner, and we’ve improved our Net Fee Income by 24%."

Peter Moore
Managing Director


"There’s a great adage in IT - Garbage in, Garbage out - cube19 helps our guys at the desk level put quality data in and record the right stuff. If they don’t, it’s visualised everywhere - and they’re motivated to correct it"

Nick Dereka,
Head of Digital


"The information available in cube19 makes it easy to forecast our upcoming months’ results & the activities that need to happen to get there."

Peter Moore
Managing Director

Toby Conibear - Bond International, Business Development Director

"MacDonald & Company are an example of how recruitment agencies are truly embracing the power of data.  For any recruitment company, it can be easy to become blinded by the sheer volume and detail of information available, but using the right tools and processes is key to unlocking new innovations and maximising success. "

Toby Conibear,
European Business Development Director, Bond International