Case Study: Spencer Ogden + cube19

How Spencer Ogden accelerates revenue growth and built a scalable recruitment firm using data-driven methodologies and cube19

In a market where the oil prices plummeted by 50% Year over Year, Energy Recruiter Spencer Ogden overcame the down market to achieve their goals and continue on their path to £100M in annual revenue.

In this case study, we look at the data-driven methodology and technology that Spencer Ogden uses globally to gain strategic advantages, drive rapid growth, and scale their business. Team members from every part of the business discuss their goals, as well as the decision criteria and benefits of choosing cube19 to accelerate their growth, given these challenging market conditions.

Hear from 7 roles across the organization:

  • CEO
  • Head of Global Operations
  • Head of Global IT
  • Director of Sales
  • Business Development
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Recruitment Consultant

"If you want to know what you're doing, across some set of KPIs (7 for me), I don't know anything that can do it as well as cube19."

David Spencer-Percival,
CEO, Spencer Ogden

"We used to lose two weeks out of every quarter pulling together reporting."

James Pipe,
Business Development

"From day one, we were keen to find a product that would deliver data analytics - and our first attempt failed. That put intense pressure on my team to deliver the right solution, so we were very careful when we chose cube19. It was the right choice."

Donna Hewett,
Operations Director

"cube19 helps us to build great culture. We've got big screens that show leaderboards, announce deals, and play individually-customised tunes to get let everybody know who just closed something. Everyone knows who's performing well, and everyone cheers on the underdogs to get them on the right track."

Matthew Sykes,
Recruitment Manager