cube19 is easy to implement, configure,
and helps improve your data quality

Chances are, if you're in IT or Operations at a recruitment company, then you've got either a very busy IT team, or an outsourced IT support provider. cube19 is designed specifically for recruitment companies - so all the issues that you would run into when building your own tool or implementing a generalist Business Intelligence (BI) solution just don't apply. You're going to love cube19.

get up and
running quickly

helps to improve
data quality

easily configured to your unique business - no IT or analysts required

connect with CRM and finance data sources

cube19 Customer Success and Support teams are helpful and fast

cloud-based, access it from anywhere safely


"cube19 is able to deliver every single metric, report, and answer we need. We were able to demo our own data to our Board within a week. It was almost like flicking a switch, giving cube19 access, and there it was. That’s something that I’ve never seen from any other BI company."

Ben Carter
Group Head of Infrastructure & Operations, Spencer Ogden

Integration and Configuration in the blink of an eye

cube19 is built specifically for recruitment companies. We support more recruitment CRMs than any other analytics or business intelligence solution out-of-the-box, and we help you configure cube19 to your unique business practices. You'll be up and running faster than with any other option on the market, headache-free.

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Improve your data quality

cube19 helps to improve data quality for recruitment companies in two ways. First, it organises your CRM and financial data into an easy-to-understand system, so you can verify data accuracy, and look for anomalies with ease. Second, your data is only as good as the people who enter it in your CRM. cube19 encourages Recruitment Consultants to input their data in a timely and accurate manner - so that they can move up the leaderboards and track their progress against their key metrics. Gone are the days where jobs are left open for hundreds of days or placements added without key information.


"Before cube19, the data that our consultants added to the CRM was really quite poor. They'd enter just enough to get paid a commission, but not enough that we could evaluate our business. cube19 allowed us to set targets on all the metrics that we deemed important, so our consultants included that data in the CRM. We're on our way to becoming a fully data-driven organisation, and cube19 is helping us get there."

Peter Moore
Managing Director, Prime People

No analysts or IT staff required.

cube19 can be implemented without the need for dedicated IT staff, costly project managers or analysts. Once you're using it, you'll start to see its benefits at every level of the organisation - and it's easy enough for everyone to use it without IT support. If management wants to create a custom report, they can do it on the spot in a minute or two. If a team leader wants to change the priority metrics for their team member, they can do it themselves with a few clicks. If you want to protect data, limit access, or control who can use the application outside your office then cube19's permissions make it easy.


Customer Success and Support are here for you

cube19 helps to take your implementation live, configure as appropriate, and then train and onboard your team - so that you can get the most from the system as soon as it’s up and running.


"cube19's customer success team worked really well with us to understand our business and configure cube19 to our individual business needs. They were responsive and supportive both throughout setup process and afterwards! We've got big screens in our office, team members using BI on their individual machines, and I enjoy checking in on my business when I'm on the road. It's a great solution, and integration was easy."

Laura Liston
Co-founder, Director, Cavendish Professionals





Connect your CRM and financial data

Your business runs on more data than just the CRM, and you want to make decisions based on all the data. Easily see actuals vs bookings, analyse profits, and simplify reporting from multiple companies into one overarching data structure you can trust.