Win more clients. Fill more jobs. Earn more commission.

When it comes to winning as a team, recruitment consultants are the front line - and you're going to love cube19. With cube19, you have easy access to all the data you need to:

Find new opportunities with current clients

Use data to prove credibility and win new clients

Improve your job
fill rate

Track your performance against your personal targets and your colleagues

Make work fun with gamification, leaderboards, and deal flashes


Get more business from new and current clients

You want to look great for your current and potential clients. cube19 gives you data-backed credibility by easily displaying the work you've done and the success you've achieved from any client, at the touch of a button. Take a tablet to a client visit, show them live data that proves your effectiveness, and confidently ask for exclusivity, better terms, or more jobs to fill. Go beyond, and analyse their company to identify new areas of jobs to fill. Close more business with cube19.

Get more commission, consistently, by focusing on key priorities.

"What should I do next?" -- these are the words you'll never say again. cube19 makes planning easy by helping you to clearly see where you are against the targets that matter, so you're adding new jobs, sending CVs, lining up interviews, and making placements at an ever-increasing rate. That means more commission, consistently. You win.


Improve your productivity. More placements + less work.

cube19 puts you in control by giving you access to the information that is usually only available to your manager. With real-time data you can out-think your competition, save time and hit your target faster. It's all in the data, and the data is easy to analyse with cube19.


"For one of our clients, we realised that 100% of the candidates we placed with them came from the same source. That revelation led to a streamlined process, saving us and our client time (as we sent fewer, but more accurate CVs), and improving our CV:Placement ratio. Our client was so impressed that we could demonstrate our understanding of their hiring patterns that they significantly increased their business with us, and we're now talking about exclusivity."

Jim Doyle
Founder, Venturi

Leaderboards, Deal Flashes, and Custom Deal Tunes

Whiteboards are old school. Our beautiful, real-time leaderboards show everyone how well you're doing. Cheer on your teammates when they close a deal. cube19 gamification makes recruitment even more fun and rewarding.


Easy to use

Access cube19 through your browser, on your phone, on the big TV screen in your office,
or even directly in your CRM if you’re using Bullhorn, RDB, or Bond Adapt v11.

You’ve always got the data right in front of you.