Performance Management and Gamification for Recruitment Companies

Whether you're a Director, Manager, or Team Lead, you're going to love cube19 - and its effect on your team.

cube19 shows your data on dashboards, mobile devices, and big screens.

cube19 on 4 devices

Set up role-based metrics for each team member and team.

Track and show progress
towards KPI targets.

Use leaderboards to motivate the right behaviours and increase CRM usage.

Make one-on-one review meetings productive, insightful, and valuable.


"The display screens and leaderboards on the wall have created a data driven environment that promotes competition and leads to better usage of our CRM as consultants strive for top spot"

Ed Jackson
Director, European Recruitment

Priority KPIs and Metrics Dashboard

cube19 does more than allow you to set visible targets for individuals and teams, it helps your team members to prioritise their daily activities and consistently improve results.

You can also identify challenges and opportunities in your organisation in seconds, no matter where you are in the world, by drilling into data and seeing at a glance how divisions, teams and individuals are performing against target in real-time. Never before has this information been available so quickly.

cube19's KPI dashboard shows "point in time" results vs targets, so instead of racing to hit every target at the end of the month, your teams clearly see the pace that they need to be on, across the metric spectrum - whether it's adding more jobs, sending more CVs, arranging interviews, or completing placements - and see where they're falling behind. It's a great way to inspire consistency, help individuals prioritise, and focus on the behaviours that result in success.


Organise metrics into sections according to role, team, business unit, or other groupings that you set

Organise your dashboard into groups of metrics that fit your model. Summary Data, Revenue Data, or data on that team over there in the corner. It’s all about having the data you need, right at your fingertips - and sections keep you organised.

Use leaderboards to build healthy
culture and competition

Everyone loves to celebrate, and cube19 gives everyone on your team the chance to see their name in lights. Leaderboards track competitive activities, use deal flashes to call attention to success, and even have the option for team-based theme songs to make it more fun.


Make 1-1's productive,
insightful, and effective

Instead of spending time gathering data for your work review, spend it analysing the reasons for those results, so that your one-on-one session can focus on training, tips, and prioritising activities - to ensure that every team's month-end results are what they should be.


"I used to spend a lot of time looking through different reports and collecting information to have a one-on-one meeting with a consultant. Now I get an iPad and quickly dig into all the info I need. This means that I spend more time actually understanding performance and making suggestions to improve it, rather than just getting the data together."

Matthew Sykes
Recruitment Manager, Spencer Ogden