The Managing Director’s

Guide to Building a Scalable 

Recruitment Company 

Using Business Intelligence

Increase Profit. Grow your business faster.

This guide teaches you how, and outlines the challenges you'll face along the way.

MDs_guide_to_BI_CTA_ad_image.jpgOver the years, we’ve heard the same story: recruitment companies often grow quickly, only to stagnate between 15-30 employees - or they fail entirely.

To bring you this guide, we gathered research data, spoke with dozens of recruitment MDs, looked at the data of over 100 recruitment companies, and interviewed industry thought leaders.

We'll cover the key questions that all high-performing recruitment companies have addressed at one point or another - how to scale efficiently, how to use the power of data to drive revenue, and how to overcome Recruitment's Plateau of Growing Pains.

Hear from industry thought leaders, industry bodies, and successful recruitment company MD's. Learn how they overcame challenges, and grew from a small start-up to a profitable leader. 

Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo

“There is a staging process in running a recruitment company, and that occurs around the  15 - 30 person mark. After that you need strategy, you need to know where you’re planning to go, and you need to set up an infrastructure to do it.”

Ann Swain,

“Analytics and reporting gives your sales management team the tools to look at the heartbeat of their business. If they don’t know what’s going on, they can’t make strategic changes. I want my senior management team coming to me with strategic ideas, not just reactive decisions. I want them to do business forecasting, be able to look at trends in the market, trends in the team, and make data-driven decisions that grow the business.”

Ben Broughton,
Director and Owner of Premier Group



“In terms of scalability, gut instinct is unreliable. When you’ve got a 10 person business, the owner can know in specific detail what’s going on at everyone's individual desk. We’ve grown to a business of 60. There’s no one person in the business that has an in-depth understanding of everything that's going on. Having strong analytics and data allows us to establish the “true north” in any given situation and act accordingly.”

Jamie Woods,
Founder and Director of JCW Search



“With the right data, you can see the direct correlation between a consultant and their work for the business. These summarised metrics give you the power to make growth plans, evaluate the effectiveness of your training program, and assess the likelihood of retaining current employees -- so you can break through Recruitment’s Plateau of Growing Pains.”

Russell Clements,
Former CEO of the SThree Group