London-based startup cube19, the award-winning provider of visual analytics and performance science, has partnered with Bullhorn, the global leader in recruiting software. cube19 has joined the Bullhorn Marketplace’ to offer staffing firms real-time cloud-based analytics which can be accessed anywhere, including on mobile devices. Founder Dan McGuire announced the news today during a speech at the Global Recruiter Asia Pacific Summit in Singapore.

The Bullhorn Marketplace gives recruiters access to an extensive range of applications and services, all of which are tested and pre-integrated with Bullhorn. Marketplace partner applications help recruiters streamline every part of their business ‘ from background checks and payroll to accounting system integration and sourcing ‘ to drive bottom-line results. Existing Marketplace partners include Ebsta and McGuire’s previous business, Broadbean Technology.

cube19, which is chaired by Russell Clements, the recently retired CEO of recruitment giant SThree, was named one of the Top 20 Startups of 2012 and won the award for Best Innovation at the Global Recruiter Awards in June.

As a result of cube19 being integrated with Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system (ATS), Bullhorn customers will be able to:

  • Access real-time business intelligence on the performance of their company, teams and individual recruiters
  • Accelerate revenue growth using performance science to manage and motivate staff more effectively
  • Analyse and improve how they deliver results to clients
  • See visualisations of their most important business information on their mobile devices

The seamless integration of cube19 with the Bullhorn ATS provides a platform to significantly improve revenues, with Bullhorn customers Cititec and Harrington Starr citing cube19 as a key driver in their impressive recent financial results. Clients who wish to subscribe to the cube19 service can request information here.

‘I have a long-standing relationship with Bullhorn from my days at Broadbean so naturally they were always going to be one of our key partners at cube19. We have already seen Bullhorn users experience outstanding results using our technology and this partnership will allow us to deliver our service to many more of them in a short space of time,’ said McGuire.

‘cube19 has experienced a rapid rise in growth working with numerous Bullhorn customers,’ said Leah Daniels, director of global alliances for Bullhorn, ‘providing gorgeous, advanced visual analytics for the enterprise. cube19’s solutions tell customers not only what’s happening with their businesses, but also what they should be doing with their businesses to improve their bottom line. Additionally, cube19’s ability to offer cloud-based analytics that align with Bullhorn’s true cloud infrastructure makes this an ideal partnership.’