Bigger profits are a metric that every agency owner listens to.

“Twelve months on from partnering with cube19 and the average sales per head has risen by 39% at CSC Recruitment.”

Despite a downward trend in the wider market, the global recruitment agency that specialise in placing professionals in the construction industry are unlocking growth.

So much so that their average billings leapt by 39%.

What’s sitting behind this change?

Putting data at the heart of recruitment

Recruiters have traditionally relied on gut instinct, headline figures and a keen eye to rule their decisions.

They’re natural people readers and trend spotters. But, when it comes to running a successful agency, gut instinct alone is no longer scalable.

How many investors or CFOs would buy into an idea without first drilling down into the metrics and data to support it?

Data is there to inform an agency’s gut decisions and cube19 deliver those actionable insights without the need for analysts.

“cube19 is like a litmus test for the gut feelings we had about our business”

Mark Skinner, Managing Director of CSC Recruitment, explains.

“We’ll often find ourselves turning to cube19 because we have an inkling that something’s happening and within ten minutes we’ll know for sure.”

“Previously, we would have had to pull reports, which takes time and effort and usually rotates on a monthly review.”

Having real-time reporting that provides an entire breakdown of your agency’s performance from a few clicks allows recruiters to be proactive with their insights.

“We don’t have to wait for a three-month review. The data is constantly available and accessible to drill down into. cube’s there every morning for us to see.”

Former founder of Broadbean and Co-CEO of cube19, Dan McGuire, suggests:

“Having accurate and clean data that’s constantly available provides agencies with the key insights they need to make the best decisions.”

“With cube19 you have a light constantly shining on your company’s performance and a medium to clearly understand what the data is saying.”

“Instead of responding to your monthly reports, which more often than not won’t tell the whole truth, you’re reacting to change as it’s happening.”

Data that speaks for itself

Through clever use of gamification and visual boards, cube19 have brought data insights to life.

Moving the housekeeping of an agency’s CRM into the public eye, for the entire office to see, dramatically improves data quality.

Before CSC Recruitment partnered with cube19 their data error rate was a concerning 81%. This has fallen to 33% since cube19’s involvement, which records an increase in data quality of 350%.

Displaying your performance analytics in such a visual way involves everyone in the agency’s development.

“Everybody loves a graph and the visual cues are there for everybody to see in a simple way.”

“It gives us a total overview of what’s going on at CSC. The simple UI allows us to drill down into the minutiae of team performances, individuals and where it all sits in context to KPIs and company forecasts.”

What does success actually look like?

The recruitment industry is built on a KPI culture, but what happens when these targets you drill into your consultants are actually mapping success?

If the data’s wrong then so are the reports and the decisions you make from them. It all comes back to data quality and moving past the headline figures to understand what’s happening under the surface.

Are your top billers actually recording their activity or just backdating their CRM once they make a placement?

“At CSC we realised the reality of unachievable or unhelpful KPIs. Too many people, including our top billers weren’t hitting their targets but were still closing the end deal.”

“It showed the reality that you can’t have a one size fits all approach to driving a successful recruitment agency.”

“Ultimately, using cube19 has allowed us to really get to know our company better.”