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"cube19 provides a roadmap of what good looks like”

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cubeEnterprise is the ultimate reporting platform for Bullhorn that delivers commercial speed and leveraged performance across all areas of your staffing business. With real-time individualised dashboards, pipeline management, gamification technology and easy to use drag & drop reporting, your company can improve performance, uncover opportunities and make faster decisions than ever before.

Uncover Opportunites

Actionable Insights based on client, job and candidate opportunities to maximise revenue

Answer complex questions in seconds

Help new starters to repeat previous financial successes by building a top- biller blueprint


Check your business’s performance in real-time

Quickly spot, triage and resolve problems before it’s too late

Kill off spreadsheets and automate reporting

Enhance Performance

Empower your recruiters to stay “on plan” and achieve their financial ambitions

Focus each colleague on the correct targets and behaviours

Develop trackable action plans that connect the activity to results

Uncover opportunities, make faster
decisions and improve performance


Intuitive dashboards that provide an automated view of priorities to maximise revenue.
  • Intuitive dashboards you can customise to each job role
  • Forward-looking Actionable Insight metrics show your team the actions they should take to hit target.
  • Analyse your business like never before with a choice of real-time Revenue Summary, Activity Summary, Live, Efficiency, Data Quality metrics
  • Encourage your team to use Bullhorn with automated feedback on their activity and results


Comparative reporting for colleagues, teams and divisions
  • Measure the performance of any office, team or individual against another with unparalleled comparative reporting tools
  • Centrally manage targets for every employee or team
  • Create custom ratios like “avg. time to fill v Resumes sent” or “contractor ext. rate v fill rate”
  • Get the historic record of every target set, and the colleague or team’s performance against it

Jobs Pipeline

Track the true status of all current and historic jobs in your pipeline by type, stage or status
  • Total pipeline and bespoke weighted pipeline value update in real-time
  • A visual, real-time summary of every job gives your colleagues a definitive guide on the next best action to take
  • Split jobs into sensible pipelines like Perm or Contract to reflect how your business runs
  • An easily accessible report of all live and closed job activity in one place

With cube19, we quickly identified two enterprise clients that were consistently four times less responsive than our benchmark. We stopped prioritizing their jobs, reallocated time and submittals to other enterprise accounts and created a 10% boost to our gross margins.

Jeff Pierce, Director of Technical Operations eHire


Gamification screens that reward positive behaviour and drive competition
  • Leaderboards, Deal Flashes & Trend Charts for any metrics broadcasted in real-time
  • Centralised incentive management
  • Custom slides & videos you can use to promote lunch clubs, holiday incentives or promote internal marketing campaigns
  • Live video from YouTube & RSS allows you to share the latest news, sports or industry updates
slice and dice

Slice & Dice

Drag and drop reporting that helps you answer complex questions in seconds
  • Intuitive Drag & Drop Report builder that lets you interrogate Bullhorn data like never before.
  • Build advanced Candidate and Client reports that provide deep insights about your processes, ROI and business efficiency
  • Pre-built reporting toolkits mean you can immediately realise value without any experience
  • Build, save & share reports that you can update at the click of a button


Tell compelling stories with your data to increase sales and improve client relationships
  • Display your Bullhorn data in engaging trend charts that you can use in company reports or at client meetings to tell compelling stories
  • Display multiple charts together on a page for easy comparisons and share them with anyone in your organisation
  • Simple configuration, beautiful chart customisation and “light & dark” themes make it easy for non-technical people to use
Bullhorn Marketplace Analytics

Marketplace Analytics

Make confident data-driven decisions on your tech strategy by combing your Marketplace data with your Bullhorn data
  • Spend less time reporting across multiple systems
  • Build playbooks to drive better usage of your tech stack across the board
  • Identify opportunities in the recruiting workflow where Marketplace Partner technology could improve performance

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