cube19 has been powering analytics for staffing and recruitment companies for 8 years. As a global alliance partner of Bullhorn, we’re happy to provide a lean, low-cost version of our platform to give your recruitment company a way to connect to remote teams and find opportunities that keep your businesses growing. 

With the vast majority of teams now working remotely it’s perhaps never been more important to see what’s happening in your businesses every day – cube Lite is here to help your business adapt to this unprecedented situation. This streamlined version of the cube19 platform gives everyone in your business visibility of their performance, the best client opportunities and the quality of data in Bullhorn. cube19’s intuitive OneView Lite dashboard is embedded in your Bullhorn, offering 16 key activity metrics and 4 data quality metrics that give you and your remote workforce the information needed to drive your business forward.

OneView Lite

OnPoint Lite

Cut the noise
Focus on the right clients to keep your business moving with Client Filters
Straightforward reporting
The information you need to coach your team –  no matter where they or you are in the world
Stay on top
Remind your team about their most valuable tasks with Priority Metrics
All in one place
Manage and compare performance then adjust and set activity goals in two clicks
Time to self-manage
Empower your people to execute against strategy with Key Metrics
Dig into the details
Unlock the information you need to make the key decisions with detailed views

Benefits for the different roles in your business

Our platform gives you both the high-level information with your own dashboard, and the ability to drill into the details to see how different areas of your business are performing on a daily basis.

Supercharge one-to-ones, and give your team relevant but challenging targets to help them stay focused while working from home

Recruiters and Sales People
See what activity needs to be done to better plan out your day. We give you visibility over your clients, calls, jobs, CVs/Resumes, interviews, placements, contractors out/finishing.

A helping hand for Bullhorn customers

We fully appreciate that many companies are experiencing unforeseen and immediate issues with cash flow and demand so we’ve created the leanest, lowest cost version of cube19 that we could imagine so that those companies who need something quickly can have it.

  • One-off set up fee lasts you until 31 December 2020
  • No obligation, no additional fees or ongoing monthly charges
  • We aim to have you up and running within 24 hours of receiving your Bullhorn API key