We’re excited to announce the launch of Bullhorn Marketplace Analytics, a new addition to our reporting automation platform that will help you operate at the highest level.

In a first of its kind experience, we’re combining Marketplace data with Bullhorn data in one single cube19 dashboard – because an integrated tech stack needs an integrated data set. cube19’s Marketplace Analytics provides a catalogue of insights into the performance and usage of turnkey Bullhorn integrations including Odro, Sourcebreaker, Cloudcall, TextUs and Bullhorn Messaging.

The first phase, which is free to use for all customers on the cubeEnterprise plan, will help you to: 

  • Measure and improve adoption and usage of key Bullhorn Marketplace partners
  • Identify opportunities in the recruiting workflow where Marketplace Partner technology could improve performance
  • Enhance existing cube19 dashboards with pre-built analytics and metrics from integrated Marketplace partners

Dan McGuire, CEO and Founder of cube19

“Until now, the data from Bullhorn’s Marketplace Partners has been living in their respective silos meaning customers have to go to multiple dashboards to get the data they need. With our new Marketplace Analytics we’re creating a truly integrated dataset for our customers, combining Actionable Insights from both Bullhorn and the Marketplace into one single dashboard right inside Bullhorn. We’re adding many more partners over the next two quarters to help our mutual customers unlock the full potential of the Bullhorn Marketplace and instantly improve the value they receive from their integrated tech stack” 

Andy Ingham, Senior Vice President of Sales at Bullhorn had the following to say about the benefit of the new offering to Bullhorn customers:

“It’s exciting to see the energy that our partners have in regards to helping our customers grow their businesses. Where we are providing a platform for our customers to build integrated technology stacks that outpace their competition and deliver new experiences for candidates, clients and employees, our partners are also collaborating in new ways which unleashes business potential you cannot get elsewhere. In this case, cube19 has made it easier than ever to connect your technology and have true, meaningful, and most importantly actionable data across your entire business. This gives staffing leaders a true edge”. 

Existing cube19 customers can access the new dashboards imminently and other staffing companies interested in accelerating the power of Bullhorn’s Marketplace tools, can register your interest here: cube19.com/marketplace