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“cube19 helped us to increase revenue and margins during periods when there were fewer jobs to fill and fewer clients hiring.”

Bradley Lewington, Spencer Ogden
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cubeX is a set of fully embedded real-time reporting dashboards for Bullhorn that put data insights at the heart of every decision. With individualised performance dashboards, easy to use comparative reporting and an advanced jobs pipeline analysis toolset, your company can improve performance, uncover opportunities and make faster decisions than ever before.

Uncover Opportunites

Maximise revenue with real-time insights on client, job and candidate opportunities

Gain certainty that your team is working the most profitable opportunities


Check your business’s performance anytime

Quickly spot, triage and resolve problems before it’s too late

Maintain Performance

Focus each individual on the correct targets and behaviours

Empower your recruiters to stay “on plan” and achieve their financial ambitions

Uncover opportunities, make faster
decisions and improve performance


Intuitive dashboards that provide a real-time view of priorities to maximise revenue.
  • Customise your dashboards with the most important performance metrics for your business
  • Analyse your business like never before with a choice of real-time Revenue Summary, Activity Summary, Live, Efficiency, Data Quality metrics
  • Encourage your team to use Bullhorn with real-time feedback on their activity and results


Comparative reporting for offices, teams or individuals
  • Measure the performance of any office, team or individual against another with unparalleled comparative reporting tools
  • Centrally manage targets for every employee or team
  • Create custom ratios like “avg. time to fill v CV’s sent” or “contractor ext. rate v fill rate”
  • See a complete record of every target set and the user or team’s performance against it

Now Select Your Third Module

cubeX comes with a choice of JobsPipeline or cubeTV as the third module.
It’s entirely up to you which module you select.


Track the true status of all current and historic jobs in your pipeline by type, stage or status
  • Total pipeline and bespoke weighted pipeline value update in real-time
  • A visual, real-time summary of every job gives your recruiters a definitive guide on the next best action to take
  • Split jobs into sensible pipelines like Perm or Contract to reflect how your business runs
  • An easily accessible report of all live and closed job activity in one place


Gamification screens that reward positive behaviour and drive competition
  • Leaderboards, Deal Flashes & Trend Charts for any metrics broadcasted and updated in real-time
  • Centralise incentive management
  • Use Custom slides & videos to promote lunch clubs, holiday incentives or promote internal marketing campaigns
  • Live video from YouTube & RSS allows you to share the latest news, sports or industry updates

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cubeX has transformed the way our consultants work by making it easy for them to see in-depth information about every job they are working in a single dashboard. It’s now impossible to miss or neglect opportunities without the consultant or our management team knowing! This is leading to increased productivity, billing and a greater focus on which clients and jobs to prioritise.

James Burdis Director of Operations, Hanover Recruitment