Many staffing firms now employ a ‘4-4-5’ non-Gregorian calendar in order to simplify targets into easy-to-manage chunks of time.

Without having native in-app support for 4-4-5 in the tools you use, you are often reduced to running time-consuming manual reports to ensure accuracy within each period. Help is here as you can now utilise our Flexible Timeframes feature to ensure that cube19 fits your custom calendar seamlessly.

Our customers have been harnessing Flexible Timeframes to incorporate their custom calendars into cube19, enabling them to recognise activity and revenue output in line with their 4-4-5 workflow. In a nutshell, this means more accurate reporting across all of cube19’s features.

The benefits of Flexible Timeframes are not limited to creating bespoke calendars. You can create future views such as Next Week, ‘Next Month’ or completely custom definitions such as ‘Last 14 days + next 14 days’. If your ‘Lapland for Xmas’ incentive runs from Aug 17th to Dec 13th, then use Flexible Timeframes to create a Lapland timeframe to use on your cubeTV leaderboards.

What our customers think

“The new custom calendar feature is great. At the click of a button, we can select different timeframes that match our financial calendar. This is really important to us as we are a contract focussed business. We can look at the previous months/quarters performance or look ahead to future targets at all levels of the hierarchy. This has been really useful for our managers on a day to day basis but also the finance team when creating reports for our board meetings. They also use the feature when calculating commissions, performing reconciliations and the leaderboard for our company incentives. You can personalize the raw data in a way which suits the individual needs of the user, from the directors to the recruiters.

Liam Thomas, Co-Founder, Highfield Professional Solutions

“Historically, it’s been a struggle to produce sales reporting for recruiters and at board/finance level with much of our reporting being manually generated. With Flexible Timeframes we have been able to set our 4-4-5 calendar for the whole year. Now, we can generate accurate reporting for key meetings and monthly business reviews at the push of a button, which is invaluable. Additionally, the consultants like to see how they are performing against their incentives on cubeTV. We have always been pretty vocal about the requirement for 4-4-5 flexibility within cube19 and they have listened to us and addressed this need, which is fantastic.”

Tina Vanes, National Operations Manager, Talent International

If you have any questions regarding Flexible Timeframes, please contact the Customer Success team –, +44 (0)203 326 1216

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