In the recent Members Only Recruitment Supplier Showcase, cube19 Global Sales Director, Joe McGuire, revealed the five data insights that recruitment leaders cannot live without.

In short, the five data insights recruitment leaders can’t live without are;

  • Spend by client
  • How many live jobs you have
  • New starters
  • Contractor redeployment rates
  • CRM adoption/data quality

However, these aren’t actually data insights, they’re outcomes. These metrics are taken from past activity so by the nature of this, they’re outcomes. 

The past is really important as it helps us to build a model for success – the problem with the past is that we can’t change it.

This concept of hoping for something to change and constantly looking back is inevitably flawed. Recruiters are spending too much relying on gut feelings and manual reports that are out of date by the time they’re published.

Opportunity lives in the future – it’s time to capitalise on that opportunity with Actionable Insights. Actionable insights show recruiters how to be more efficient, effective and productive. It’s all about looking forward.

How do you take the opportunity that you’ve identified from the past data and put it in front of your consultants to show them what they should be doing, where they should be doing it, how they should be doing it  – and also remind them to do it.

At cube19 we believe that a data-driven culture provides the foundation for elite performance. Here’s how you can reposition those five outcomes into actionable insights that provide your consultants with clear direction and growth objectives towards that elite performance level at all times.

Client Spend

Spend by client VS clients with spend not contacted in the past 60 days

As a recruiter, is my time best spent calling 100 people I’ve never spoken to before or would I be better contacting companies that we’ve placed in the past but just haven’t been in touch for a while? We’ve already got business, relationship and trust established to some degree, meaning that the next job is going to be filled efficiently and the relationship between consultant and candidate is stronger, securing repeat business in the future.

Live Jobs

Live jobs VS jobs with less than 3 interviews in the first 10 days

Live jobs are an important outcome metric because it shows the success of our BD. We could have 100 live jobs today but if we’re doing nothing to fill those jobs, then it’s what we call a vanity metric. 

By looking at whether you have the right amount of coverage on your jobs, be it CV’s sent or interviews arranged, across a suitable time frame (which will be different across sectors and businesses) you’ll be able to see whether or not you’re capitalising on the opportunity.

New Starters

New starters VS upcoming starters not contacted in the past 2 weeks

Lots can go wrong with new starters, especially with the current uncertainty across the market. People are generally more reluctant to quit and start a new position than they were this time last year. In order to avoid this happening, consultants need to be consistently coaching candidates through the entire process and continuing to work with them through their rebate period.

By looking at those upcoming starters that haven’t been contacted in 2 weeks and making a consistent effort to keep in touch, you’ll avoid losing your candidate to another job or recruiter who remained persistent. 

Contractor Redeployment

Contractor redeployment rate VS contractors finishing with no extension call cv sent, interview

Contractor redeployment is the biggest missed opportunity in the global recruitment market today.

Most people can’t even tell us what their redeployment rate is, let alone how to improve it. Well, as an industry, it’s very few – 60-70% of contractors in assignment aren’t redeployed, your competitors place them.

Consider all the time and effort that has gone into that client… 50% of them aren’t even contacted about their next role by your consultants.

So wouldn’t it be useful for your consultants to know in real-time, who their finishers are that don’t have the relevant actions needed to redeploy?

CRM Adoption

CRM and data quality underpins everything. Data quality is the foundation for a data-driven culture.

Your technology and data allows you to manage your remote workforce effectively, unlocks every opportunity in your business and identifies where the gaps are to allow you to train your consultants accordingly.

Opportunity is what lies within the data, but if you’re not recording it then you can’t unlock it.

How can you improve your process if you can’t measure it?

Counting metrics or outcomes is a past indicator of success, you need to take that past data and turn it into action in real-time at desk level to show recruiters how to be successful tomorrow.

Metrics looking at the past show us if we were successful yesterday – Actionable Insights show us how to be more successful tomorrow.

Joe McGuire, cube19, Global Sales Director

If you’d like to learn more about how cube19’s Actionable Insights work in transforming your past outcomes into future success, get in touch.