Client Filters

Looking after your clients is one of the pillars of a great recruitment business. Developing strong relationships and effectively managing them results in repeat business.

Being armed with relevant and accurate data demonstrates professionalism and builds credibility, both key to achieving recurring revenue.

However, collating client-specific data can be complicated, especially as your key accounts may have multiple entities or duplicated records across the system.

cube19 has turbo-charged OneView to make reporting over client data simple, fast and incredibly powerful. It’s now as easy to report over your client base as it is to report over your consultants or teams.

Client Filters allow you to refine your OneView page by a client, multiple clients or by predefined Client Sets which you can create and share across the business.

Used in conjunction with OneView Pages, you can also create specific client views that focus only on the metrics that are important for evaluating client performance.

With Client Filters you can:

  • Take cube19 into your client meetings and instantly drill down into their data.
  • Load up a client’s data before you call them enabling you to answer key questions at speed
  • Drive intelligent client conversations with easily accessed insights

All of the above features is available in your cube19 today!

Not a customer? See cube19 in action today and start having client conversations that will set you apart from your competition.