After closing the curtain on 2019 very few could have predicted the business climate that we would be starting the new year with.

An impeached President, a Conservative stronghold in Parliament, increased appetite for a four-day working week and this time last year – proof of an egg with more social presence than Ronaldo. 

It looks like the clouds are finally beginning to clear with Brexit. After years of political stalling and uncertainty, there appears to be purpose and direction back behind the economy.

With that in mind, 2020 could well be a bumper year for recruitment and a return to financial consistency as businesses take the blinkers off spending and re-engage with hiring.

A year of change for cube19

The Christmas downtime is a great opportunity to take stock of the year and review where you’ve come as a business, where you’re heading and how you intend on getting there.

Last year marked some major changes for us at cube19. We opened the year moving into new offices at the Bower, and closed it expanding our global operations across Australia and the US with Dan leading the charge Stateside.

We sponsored the successful launch of Bullhorn Engage Sydney and look forward to cementing that partnership as the sole global platinum sponsor for their events this year.

I’ve always believed that those that work closest to their customers find the best solutions, which is why we’ve tried to give our customers a louder voice in 2019. 

Across the year, we’ve spent more time on-site, we’ve encouraged businesses to configure cube19 to reflect their own processes and featured a series of interviews with CEOs.

We wanted to know the role that cube19 was playing in growth, the vision businesses have moving forward and how we can help to create a personalized vehicle to get them there faster:

We also held our first major customer clinic, where we invited over 50 representatives to come learn, share and understand how to optimize the full potential of the platform. We’ll be doing a lot more with this in 2020, so keep an eye out.

Something that we’re particularly proud of championing is our involvement – and the wider recruitment industry’s – in the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life charity. 

With the efforts of several partners, recruitment businesses and the MembersOnly network, we’ve helped to fund-raise the construction of multiple wells in communities across Uganda.

We even made the trip to meet these communities and see how that help is creating a life-changing movement. 

We have some big plans with this and would love to mobilise more of the recruitment industry in joining us… it’s even rumoured that Simon Lewis will be donning his trunks and swimming the channel. 

Helping recruitment businesses make better decisions towards revenue in 2020

Over the last six years, we’ve continuously evolved and refined our platform to help provide recruitment agencies with the information they need to make better decisions.

In the last few months alone we’ve released new client filters, a customisable One View pageflexible timeframes, custom calendars, incentive trackers and integrations for cubeTV.

However, our latest introduction – Actionable Insights – is perhaps the biggest development we’ve rolled out for recruitment analytics to date.

It goes beyond reporting and forecasting. It identifies the activity across your business that consultants could be doing that they’re not. 

It’s intuitive technology around performance that provides the answers to the questions that recruitment agencies don’t know to ask. A co-pilot for your teams.

In 2020, we want to give recruitment agencies the means to make data-driven decisions towards three things:

  • What their consultants could be doing better? 
  • What their consultants could be doing more of?
  • What their consultants are not yet doing that they should be doing?

Our commitment is to connect agencies with that information in the simplest way, when they need it, to make informed decisions before they become outcomes.

I hope everyone found time to switch off over the festive break and has hit the ground running in a new decade.