Our latest feature, OnPoint is available now for Enterprise customers.

OnPoint allows you to create a dynamic and customisable snapshot comparing how multiple offices, teams or individuals are performing against target across multiple metrics and ratios.

OnPoint snapshots also retain the ability to drill down to the underlying data – ensuring that the more in-depth questions can be answered without navigating around the platform.

At cube19 we don’t ever want to stop innovating for the staffing sector. We spoke to our users about how they collate reports and run performance metrics and found that we could streamline the process even further.

OnPoint takes out all of the manual effort for generating complex comparative reports across offices, divisions, teams and individuals.

With OnPoint you can:

  • Handpick the metrics that matter and compare performance
  • See how multiple teams or users are doing against them at once
  • See who’s over – or under performing based on the targets that were set
  • Instantly view rankings based on value or % of target achieved

OnPoint can be found as an option in the main menu. If you have not been given access to OnPoint as yet, your cube19 Admin will be able to grant you permission.

OnPoint is the epitome of what cube19 stands for; providing simple to use and extremely valuable business intelligence in just a few clicks.

Watch the video to see OnPoint in action:

If you have any questions or need any assistance please get in touch with our customer success team: support@cube19.com or call +44 (0) 203 326 1216.