Putting heads together and collaborating is the way forward when it comes to turning information into knowledge, and building collective knowledge is the path to building community and culture in your business.

Now, when you use OnPoint or Trends you can turn that moment of inspiration or insight into a piece of shared collateral for your business, your team or your peers with cube19’s new native sharing features.

Simply save your OnPoint Report or Trend and click the Share icon in the Saved Reports/Trends section. From here, you can share your report to any number of visible groups or individuals. In this section, you can also see any reports that have been shared with you directly or with the group you sit in. It couldn’t be simpler!

Note that the ‘Share Slice & Dice, Trends & OnPoint‘ permission is required to be able to share reports in cube19.

Since this is a new feature, if you have any issues viewing the new OnPoint/Trends sharing options we would recommend clearing cookies and cache first, as some browsers will hold onto older versions of websites and not update automatically.

If you have any problems after clearing cookies and cache please submit an email to support@cube19.com.