For a company that dedicates its time to championing the growth of agency recruitment, it’s nice to get together to celebrate our own milestones and the people behind them.

We headed down to WeWork to hear that we’d exceeded our own annual targets before the close of Q3, almost doubled our headcount and set in motion some huge plans for 2019.

The first of which will be our move into the new, bigger, WeWork offices opening in Old Street and a real investment into accelerating our own growth and workforce.

More coming on that soon!

As a company that believes in the power of team and the individuals that make this company what it is – our Chairman, Russell Clement, gave special mention to Simon O’Keefe who was named the most valued employee as voted by those that work here.

It’s always hard for startups to say goodbye to those leaving, especially those who have played such a formative role in shaping a tight-knit company like ours.

Our first hire and former Customer Success Director, Jayne Liggett and FD, Bharat Mistry, will be moving onto pastures new after playing instrumental parts in the company’s journey.

Over the course of the year, we’ve been spearheading a move in the recruitment industry to get behind LNADJ and commit to building wells that can deliver fresh water to thousands of people.

As a parting gift and testament to all Jayne and Bharat have done for us at cube19, we dedicated our latest well to them.

cube19 have delivered four wells this year and plan to expand on that in 2019.


We moved the celebration to McQueens and took the opening shots in their new pool room, enjoyed eating our weight in meat at Black Lock and closed the night with some memorable duets on Karaoke.