Recruiting Resources

Discover what will launch your agency to the top 1% of performers from those that have proven the path themselves!

In this 20-minute session, Dan McGuire, CEO of cube19 looks at how AI is being used around the world and what this will mean for the future of recruitment.

Una McGuiness, Tracey Barrett, and cube19's Ricky Wheeler chew the fat on why and how Marketing Automation should be used in recruitment agencies.

While the power of brand is undisputable, marketers rarely jump to take the credit for sales that they deserve. This recorded session with Tracey Barrett, Founder of BlueSky PR and Head of Communications at APSCo from the APSCO Marketing Forum, explores how to best track, measure and demonstrate how marketing activity is adding value to the business through the collection of meaningful data.

Una Mcguiness on why Marketing automation should be on your road map. What is it, why you need it and where it's going? Everything you need to know.

Simon shares the quick wins with Bullhorn that will accelerate onboarding, improve data quality and remove the time consumed with data entry.

Lisa Jones talks about 9 ways in which you can raise your profile and market your brand on LinkedIn within the first 10 minutes of each working day!

Vince shows us how consultants can leverage the untapped data in the CRM to maximise their Net Fee Income.

How are agencies getting smarter with data to change attitudes, drive performance and boost retention.

Wilson brings over five years of experience working with Bullhorn to unearth the reasons your data isn't being logged in reports.

Every recruitment agency around the world is looking to grow. Growth analytics makes the decisions you take towards that stronger with data.

Over the past year, I’ve spoken with over 150 recruitment CEOs across the world to ask, how do you grow a successful staffing firm? Despite them working across vastly different industries, it was universally accepted that success hinges on four primary assets.

Benchmark how effectively you use data compared with 135 agencies which were surveyed by cube19 and CloudCall.