When employees leave, those who are left behind suffer from a drop in morale, productivity declines and yet the workload increases as a result of having less staff. On top of these factors, there is additional time and money spent on recruiting, training and onboarding new employees. In recruitment, you also have the added pressure of creating instability for your clients with account managers changing too.

Read on to find out what steps you can take to ensure you’re retaining top talent.


All too often staff members leave due to poor management. A manager must manage individuals and not a team. Each has different requirements and needs to feel valued and part of the team. Make sure that lines of communication are open and that any suggestions or concerns are listened to. If you are unable to answer the concern at the present time, empathizing with the employee will go a long way in keeping them motivated.

In recruitment all too often top billers get promoted to managers. Unfortunately, being a top biller doesn’t necessarily make a great manager. Bear in mind that managers need training and guidance too.


Many employees will feel a greater sense of loyalty and pride to be associated with organisations who support the same ethical ambitions and values as them. Supporting charitable organisations or local community gives a sense of pride in giving back to those less fortunate. At cube19 we are proud to support Last Night a DJ Saved My Life which makes a positive impact on children in crisis. From fundraising for cleft palate operations to building wells to provide whole villages in India and Africa clean, safe water, cube19, and its employees are proud to be making a difference.


Working for a progressive organisation that has up to date technology that aids productivity will be a coup for employees. Recruiters stand a higher chance of being successful with the right technology available to them, and they will have more confidence in achieving their goals. The cube19 Growth Analytics Platform enables consultants to understand what they need to do to reach corporate and personal performance goals. This data led approach drives a learning and innovative culture with clarity on how every individual contributes to the overall success of the business.

Retaining Top Talent with Regular Feedback

Annual reviews are the minimum an employer should offer. Dissatisfaction cannot be addressed just once a year. If there are clear communication channels in place, then you are much more likely to catch any problems early and offer resolutions before it is too late. With cube19, employees can see how they are performing and so management meetings can be more constructive. If a recruiter is struggling with a particular aspect, advice and training can be provided. The real-time capability of Growth Analytics means managers can react to a trend before it’s too late. The systematic use of data in the analysis of employee performance also provides a less biased viewpoint.


Is there room for top talent to progress? Ensuring you deal with each separately, you must make individual career paths open to them. Providing training courses that will help them on their career path will provide reassurance that they are valued.

Retaining Top Talent with Flexible working

Trusting employees and offering flexible working so that you can provide greater work-life balance will help retain your top talent. With the technological advances, it is no longer a requirement to be sat in the office at your desk to be working. cube19 is a web-based tool that is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device, so individual’s will know where they are against the target at all times.


Company loyalty does not exist in the same way as it used to. Millennial workers are renowned for moving from job to job and always looking for the next opportunity. In light of this market change it is impossible to retain all top talent, however, practicing the suggestions above will help towards retaining staff or at the very least allow you to preempt the fact that the top talent is leaving.