cube Lite - 16 Real-Time Metrics To Manage Your Remote Workforce and Empower Your Team To Succeed

Helping teams to stay productive whilst working remotely is now one of the biggest challenges recruitment companies face.

To address this need, we’ve created the leanest, lowest cost version of cube19 that we could possibly imagine, exclusively for Bullhorn customers.

cube Lite is real-time dashboard designed to help you manage your team, monitor your clients and run your business from anywhere.

cube Lite is available for a one-off fee, with no recurring charges and can be implemented in under 24 hours.


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cube Lite is built specifically for Bullhorn customers who are suddenly managing a remote workforce

cube Lite will help you manage your people whilst giving your sales team the direction and motivation it needs to succeed.

  • Understand how your recruiters are working remotely and supercharge your one-to-one meetings
  • Real-time access to 16 key metrics and insights on what’s happening with your clients
  • Ensure good quality data is being added to Bullhorn

Affordable Pricing with No Financial Commitment

One-off cost

One-off set up fee lasts you until
31 December 2020.


No obligation, no additional fees or ongoing monthly charges.

Fast Turnaround

We aim to have you up and running within 24 hours of receiving your Bullhorn API key.



OneView Lite + OnPoint Lite

Immediately increase activity and performance with dashboards and comparative reporting.

Cut the noise

Focus on the right clients to keep your business moving with Client Filters

Priority metrics

Remind your team about their most valuable tasks with Priority Metrics

Key Metrics

Focus individuals on executing your strategy with Key Metrics

Straightforward reporting

The information you need to coach your team no matter where they or you are in the world

All in one place

Manage and compare performance then adjust and set activity goals in two clicks

Dig into the details

Unlock the information you need to make the key decisions with detailed views



Introducing cube lite

"With teams working remotely, cube19 is worth its weight in gold. A fantastic product that keeps our sales guys motivated and firing. The data allows management to stay on top the crucial information required at this time of remote working.."

Martin Blythe, Managing Director, Searchability
Introducing cube lite

We're definitely reaping the benefits of having it right now. We're super grateful to have such an amazing platform that helps us keep visibility across the business.

Laura Williams, Operations Manager, Hanover Recruitment
Introducing cube lite

Thank god we got cube19 in place before all this happened. Everyone is loving cube19, in the first week of introducing cube19 across the business, we had the best activity we’ve ever had!

Ben Dalzell, Head of Marketing, Propel London

Empower your team to succeed whilst staying on top of your business

OnPoint Lite Comparitive Reporting

Contact us for pricing

One-off fee. No recurring payments. Affordable pricing for any sized business.



How is cube Lite different to the cube19 Standard & Advanced Packages?

Due to the necessity of remote working and social distancing, it is essential to have the right eyes on the right information to address problems quickly and capitalise immediately on opportunities.

Therefore, until the end of 2020, we’ve decided to offer a streamlined version of cube19 that we can deliver overnight.

This scaled-down version of cube19 provides an intuitive dashboard, easy to use comparative reporting and in-built target setting borrowed from our Standard Package.

cube Lite doesn’t have most of the features and reports that we offer in our usual packages but does have enough functionality to help those companies that wish to use it through this unprecedented time.

We understand that you may have more complex requirements you would like to address that cube Lite doesn’t support so when the time is right you will have an option to upgrade to our Standard Package.

The one-off fee you pay now will serve as your onboarding fee on the Standard Package but you are under no obligation to upgrade and if you don’t then cube Lite will quietly turn off on at 6pm on 31 December 2020.



We take great pride in the quality of our products and services. To offer this version of cube19 at the price point we have set and turn onboarding around so quickly, we have had to remove a significant number of features from the product and offer a lite-touch service. We trust you will appreciate that this is a time-limited product built for these unprecedented times.

cube Lite is a fully tested, fully functional product that shows 16 key metrics and 4 data quality metrics. They cannot be changed, renamed or added to.

Other key differences between cube Lite and the cube19 Standard Package are as follows:

  • Rather than pulling all of your historic data from Bullhorn we are only starting from January 1, 2020
  • Onboarding calls last 10 minutes. Your onboarding engineer will not provide any advice on your current workflows, data quality or Bullhorn set up
  • You will not be able to create any company or team hierarchy and will work from a flat team structure
  • You cannot add or edit ratios in OneView
  • There is no live training. You will be provided with straight-forward guides and videos on how to use cube Lite
  • There is no dedicated data checking, data quality consultancy or telephone support. Basic email support will be provided
  • Features such as Actionable Insights, Trends, Slice & Dice, cubeTV & Jobs Pipeline are not included in cube Lite
  • Admin access will be limited to basic User Admin Timezones, Targets, Company Settings, and IP Restrictions
  • Custom Timeframes, individualized OneView Pages, Groups/Teams/Tags, User Team History, Ratios, cubeTV, Actuals Uploads, Jobs Pipeline Admin are not available in cube Lite
  • There are no Deal Flashes, no music, no news feeds, no trend charts, no Leaderboards
  • You can’t export data from cube Lite to CSV, or upload data from CSV to cube Lite
  • Metrics provided are standard and cannot be filtered, configured, customized, split/combined, deduplicated or otherwise modified in any way
  • Additional Bullhorn fields will not be mapped in
  • No contract revenue metrics including ‘Invoiced Actuals’ will be provided
  • cube Lite is available for a limited time only, between now and December 31, 2020


Existing Customers

We are sorry but cube Lite is not available to existing customers who will already have benefited from some or all of the above as well as a variety of different solutions and services along the way.

We hope you will understand that we have tried to find a way to help companies who don’t already have the benefit of cube19 to manage their remote teams for a limited period. Whilst this won’t please everyone, we hope you understand that we are doing our very best to fulfil the needs of existing customers and new customers during this time.