Uncover Strategic Insights And Tell Compelling Stories With Your Data

Monitoring trends is the easiest way to identify changes within your business, teams and clients. cube19 uses your historic and current data to look at how performance is trending over time so that you can make strategic and operational decisions with confidence.

There are alternatives out there and the option to invest in your own solution, but you simply can’t get the level of competence for recruitment analytics elsewhere. cube19 is the most effective partner we have. When we have a business challenge to reporting, there’s a rapid response that almost always offers a successful solution. Paul Kirby, CEO, Darwin Recruitment

Uncover Opportunities

Build Trust & Impress Your Clients

Help your customers understand the value of your partnership. With customisable Trend charts, it’s easy to craft compelling presentations and reports that make sure your clients really understand how valuable you are to them.

Improve Performance

Identify patterns that drive sales

Start looking at activity and performance in a different way. Most businesses are in it for the long haul, and with Trends you compare how client relationships have improved, the activity of a consultant since they joined or the lifetime value of a whole division.

Faster Decisions

Automate your reports

Stop wasting time recreating the same chart for the same client every month. Instead, build it once and adjust any parameter for an instant update.

Data visualisation, on any device

Change page layouts by simply dragging and dropping charts around pages. With Light & Dark themes you can customise how Trends appear for use in your presentations and reports.

DataVisWiz..? Just Modern Recruitment

  • CEOs

    See what really is happening in your business

    Create charts that show you your businesses activity over the last 90 days for Jobs Added, Resumes sent, Interviews and Sales.

  • Directors & Managers

    Understand how activity today affects the future outcomes

    With cube19 you can track ratios as well as static metrics, showing you the specific impact the activity your teams have taken has made on the business.

  • Recruiters & Resoucers

    Impress your biggest and smallest clients

    Demonstrate how a relationship has deteriorated or gained momentum. With our chart builder, you can report any metric over time. Like Resumes sent, Interviews and Jobs to create compelling conversation points with customers.

All-in-One Suite of cube19 Modules

  • OneView

    Real-time dashboards that turn your valuable data into Actionable Insights

  • Jobs Pipeline

    Manage and understand what’s going on with all your processes, in one place

  • Slice & Dice

    Intuitive ad-hoc reporting to answer any question about your recruitment activity

  • OnPoint

    Easy to use comparative reporting built for your recruitment business

  • Trends

    Uncover strategic insights and tell compelling stories with your data

  • cubeTV

    Engage, motivate and inspire healthy competition across your offices & teams.