cubeTV is used as a platform to showcase the data in your CRM and drive specific activities across the business.

Whether it’s highlighting top billers for the quarter or the company’s month-on-month performance, the leaderboards and trend slides are just the tip of the iceberg for engaging recruiters with cubeTV.

Try introducing text slides to cubeTV and display images across the screens that break up the leaderboard and trend slides.

These can show any images you upload and will help inject some character to how you’re using cubeTV.

You may want to display your company logo, values, share company announcements, promotions or team nights out.

Or… you could get creative and combine incentives and memes to enhance the cubeTV experience.

Here are a few different slides that you could add:

Showing your incentives is a great way to keep a goal visible to your recruiters.

By tracking their data correctly they are able to see the changes to the leaderboards and their progress in hitting targets.

Maybe it’s a lunch club, shop vouchers, restaurants or weekends away. Using the text slides with cubeTV means you can manually add incentives as and when you need.

Have some fun with your screens by using relevant media and social images to engage your recruiters.

Get people looking at cubeTV and leverage the fun side of what it can do with the important information it communicates.

However you choose to use cubeTV, these text slides can bring cubeTV to life in the office and push the business to record data as an when it happens.