The World's Leading Growth Analytics Platform for Recruitment Companies

The World's Leading Growth Analytics Platform for Recruitment Companies.

We believe that a data-driven culture provides the foundation for world class decision making at all levels of business.
cube19 delivers the single source of truth required to ensure that everyone is focussed on meeting your growth objectives.

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Growth Analytics - simple,
powerful, real-time

cube19 puts the power of accurate, real-time actionable insights into the palm of your hand, so that you and your colleagues can make fact-based decisions from anywhere. Because cube19 is pre-integrated with leading recruitment CRMs you can drill into any metric or review the performance of any individual, team or client with one or two clicks.

“cube19 has been instrumental in our growth to date. The clarity across the business around expectations for performance combined with the ability to analyse our outputs, lets us spend our time focussing on growth. It is an essential tool.”

Home Tim Barber - Director at JBM Consulting

Identify barriers to growth
and take action, fast.

Whether you are looking for data to support strategic board level decisions, analyse your clients, manage job pipelines or optimise the performance of your teams you can find the answer in seconds using cube19. Our Growth Analytics Platform gives you a unique combination of depth, flexibility, and speed unrivalled in the recruitment industry.

“Since the implementation of cube19 staff are more engaged, administrative usage of Bullhorn has improved significantly, all staff now have greater visibility and clarity on targets, their performance against these and the levers that help them achieve those. Overall NFI per head since implementation has increased by on average 15% per head too. cube19 has become an integral part of the business and I would highly recommend.”

Home Graham Hugill - Finance Director, Project Resource

Create an inspiring work environment with industry leading gamification

It is essential to feed your Growth Analytics Platform with a clean and current data set. We created cubeTV to motivate recruiters to record what they do, when they do it. Our beautifully designed leaderboards, trend graphs, custom incentives and deal flashes provide a clear and current visual representation of your CRM data and give consultants a reason to input good quality data. cubeTV provides an easy way to drive specific behaviours and is proven to profoundly impact CRM adoption.

Improve the performance of
every individual and team.

To consistently exceed targets recruiters need more than rigid KPI’s and gut-feel management. They need to buy in to your company’s overall vision for growth and understand their part in it. Even small incremental improvements across your organisation can add up to huge changes on the top and bottom line when multiplied together. Relevant actionable insights are designed to help them focus on revenue generating and performance enhancing activities. Much attention is given to deals done but it is the process that leads to placements which, if repeated and scaled results in continuous and predictable growth.

“I used to spend a lot of time looking through different reports and collecting information to have a one-on-one meeting with a consultant. Now I get an iPad and quickly dig into all the info I need. This means that I spend more time actually understanding performance and making suggestions to improve it, rather than just getting the data together.”

Home Matthew Sykes - Recruitment Manager, Spencer Ogden

“cube19 is the fastest way to certainty”


Integrated with the
world's most popular
recruitment CRM’s

cube19 is built specifically for the recruitment sector and formal partnerships are in place with every major recruitment CRM. Our deep, comprehensive integrations ensure you can get up and running quickly regardless of how complex or unique your requirements are. We pride ourselves on delivering Growth Analytics with no hidden costs and fully transparent pricing.

  • No Spreadsheets
  • No Waiting
  • No Analysts

Customer Success that
understands your business

Whatever your Growth objectives are, we have the team, knowledge and resources to help you achieve them. We’ll guide you through the on-boarding process, and handle the technical side so you can focus on running your business. Once you’re live and trained we’ll provide you with an ongoing plan to ensure you get the most out of cube19 now and in the future.

“cube19's customer success team worked really well with us to understand our business and configure cube19 to our individual business needs. They were responsive and supportive both throughout setup process and afterwards! It's a great solution and integration was easy.”

Home Laura Liston - Co-Founder, Cavendish Professionals