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About the SIA Executive Forum

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SIA’s Executive Forum is the renowned annual meeting for CEOs, owners and senior-level staffing and workforce solutions executives. For 2019, we offer sessions under the theme of Breakthrough Leadership giving you hard-hitting insights and strategies to take your leadership, and your firm’s growth, to the next level.

Join Your Peers For:

Niche-focused facilitated roundtable discussions, which will help you take your business to the next level.
Tracked break-out sessions where you can customise your experience and take-away content relevant to your business.
Informal networking for you to share ideas, build new relationships and connect with innovative suppliers.




Wednesday, 20 November 2019

09:30 – 10:15

Ideas in Action sessions showcase leading suppliers and their solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges.

International Expansion: A Blueprint For Success

Presented by cube19

We live in a global economy with an increasingly mobile workforce. Recruitment businesses of all sizes are capitalising on this by extending their operations into foreign markets. Expansion abroad brings greater opportunity, diversification, security and business growth. However, successful steps require meticulous planning, clear strategic objectives and a keen eye to mitigate risk. Join our panel of experts as they discuss everything they’ve learned on the road to entering and scaling internationally – from strategic planning, fluctuating currencies and political landscapes, through to the key hires and incubation of foreign business units.


Joe McGuire, Global Sales Director cube19


Omar Akram, Chief Operating Officer, Proco Group

As Chief Operating Officer, Omar is responsible for implementing and driving Proco Group’s people and operational processes.

Omar is a commercially minded business leader and qualified executive coach, experienced in managing the growth and development of a variety of recruitment businesses around the world.
Omar’s areas of expertise are in change management, organisational development, hiring/restructuring teams, and driving customer engagement.
John Gaughan, CEO, Finlay James Associates Limited
With over 24 years’ recruitment experience within the tech and digital sales sectors, John has worked with some of the hottest tech companies in the world.
John is the CEO and co-owner of Finlay James alongside his wife, Sara who is the company, Chief Operational Officer. Finlay James has offices in Manchester, London, and San Francisco and will open their newest office in NYC in October 2019.
Finlay James’ vision is to be renowned for bringing visions to life and be a global market leader within the tech sales industry.

Jonathan Keen, CEO, Cognitive Group

As Founder and CEO of Cognitive Group, John is responsible for the continued expansion of the companies Microsoft-specific recruitment offerings in the EU & US.

Cognitive is determined to be rated among the top employers of women and are proud to boast two female board members. Johns strategy has created a progressive company culture, that not only supports, but actively encourages all forms of diversity and inclusion internally, and in the way, Cognitive Group engages with candidates and recruits for clients.


Tuesday, 19 November 2019

07:30 – 09:00
Registration & Breakfast for Pre-Conference Session | Milton Foyer
09:30 – 10:15
SIA Conference and Corporate Membership Overview | Milton
New to Staffing Industry Analysts and/or the Executive Forum? Join the SIA team for this pre-conference overview to make sure you get the most out of your time in London. In addition to an overview of the conference, we’ll also provide unique insights into our extensive research portfolio and how it can help to support your business growth. We look forward to greeting all newcomers at this essential 45-minute introduction with practical tips and advice.

Tina McGarvey, Business Development Associate, Staffing Industry Analysts
Adam Pode, Director of Research (EMEA & APAC), CCWP, Staffing Industry Analysts
Francesca Profeta, Research Analyst & Coordinator, CCWP, Staffing Industry Analysts
10:00 – 10:45
Conference Registration, Welcome Break & Exhibits Open | Exhibit Area
10:45 – 11:45
Leading Today and Leading Tomorrow | Wren
The old keys to success for staffing industry leaders are no longer guarantees of success into the future. With rapid changes in technology and the growing prominence of alternative work styles, now is a time of great opportunity as well as threat to traditional staffing firms. Drawing on SIA’s latest research, this keynote will explore the changing shape of the industry, the keys to success today and what it will take to be among the leaders in the future.

John Nurthen, Executive Director, Global Research, Staffing Industry Analysts
11:45 – 13:15
Facilitated Roundtable Discussions | Wren
Choose those topics that are most relevant for your business in the popular Roundtable Discussions, ranging from market trends, sector specialisation, service categories and a number of important business issues. Join your peers in choosing three table topics during this fast-paced 75-minute session.

Ursula Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Staffing Industry Analysts

Topics include:

1. Launching Your Business in the US
2. Launching Your Business in Australia
3. Launching Your Business in the Netherlands
4. Launching Your Business in Germany
5. GDPR and Best Practices in Data Protection
6. IR35
7. Focus on the UK staffing market
8. Sector Analysis: IT staffing
9. Sector Analysis: Engineering (including Energy)
10. Sector Analysis: Finance & Accounting
11. Sector Analysis: Office Clerical
12. Sector Analysis: Marketing/Creative
13. Sector Analysis: Light Industrial
14. Controlling Your Costs
15. Breaking Through: Growth strategies for SME Staffing Firms
16. Advantages of CCWP Accreditation
17. Opportunities in RPO
18. Opportunities in MSP and VMS
19. Developing an Effective Marketing Campaign
20. Human Cloud and Emerging Online Staffing Platforms
13:15 – 14:30
Birds of a Feather Networking Lunch & Exhibits Open | Novello Restaurant & Exhibit Area

SME Track
Breaking Through the Barriers to Growth | Dickens
How can small and midsize staffing firms break through the predictable barriers to growth and build a sustainable staffing business? While there are tens of thousands of staffing firms operating in the market, only a very small number of firms are able to grow to substantial size. Based on the book Breaking through: Leadership Disciplines of Top-Performing Staffing Firms, this session will explore what’s different about firms that have been able to grow. We will also hear from operators who overcome growth barriers in their business and also offer some practical tools and a checklist to help accelerate the growth of your firm.

Large Company Track
Opportunities in International Staffing Markets | Nelson
At a time when revenue growth in established markets is somewhat tepid, there are still hot sectors and hot markets for the intrepid staffing executive to explore. Using SIA’s research, we take a look at the opportunities in global staffing markets, with a focus on the Americas, EMEA and APAC.

Adam Pode, Director of Research, EMEA & APAC, CCWP, Staffing Industry Analysts
15:15 – 15:30 Transition Break

SME Track
Thriving in the Supply Chain | Dickens
Growing a profitable business can be a challenge when you are a small part of a complex supply chain. What are the strategies and behaviours that will help your business to thrive and be profitable as a supplier within an MSP programme? How can you stand out and impress the end-client when the MSP sits between you and the hiring manager? Our panel will discuss the strategies and techniques to help your business succeed in this environment.

Jo Matkin, Global Workforce Solutions Research Director, Staffing Industry Analysts

Sean Moran, Director of Key Accounts Management, Proclinical

Large Company Track
Investing in the Workforce Solutions Ecosystem | Nelson
Staffing firms have broadened their service portfolios in recent years offering their clients a much broader range of services than just temporary staffing and permanent placement. There is nothing new in this–payrolling, outplacement, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and managed service provision (MSP) are now well-established offerings for many staffing firms. But, as client sophistication has grown alongside rapid advances in technology, staffing firms have begun to invest in many new categories within the Workforce Solutions Ecosystem and most particularly in digital innovation. During this session, we will explore the opportunities available for your business.

Matt Norton, Sr. Research Analyst, CCWP, Staffing Industry Analysts
16:15 – 16:45
Networking Break & Exhibits Open | Exhibit Area

SME Track
Creating a Winning Sales & Marketing Plan | Dickens
How can market intelligence feed into your strategy? How can you build customer loyalty in a fragmented market? What role is there for tried and tested traditional sales and marketing strategies and how can you take best advantage of new social media and digital options? And, crucially, how can you create a market position to differentiate your business in a “me too” industry like staffing so that you are not competing on price alone? In this session, we’ll be discussing, establishing and implementing short, medium and long-term company sales and marketing strategies with a panel of experienced practitioners.

Peter Reagan, Sr. Director, CWS & Research, CCWP, SOW Mgmt. Expert, Staffing Industry Analysts

Kris Holland, Marketing Manager, Charlton Morris

Large Company Track
Digitally Transforming your Staffing Business | Nelson
Advances in new technology such as AI, RPA and blockchain is providing new opportunities for you to automate your business. But which parts should you automate, and which should remain a human interaction? Digitisation can provide cost savings and more efficient processes but getting the balance right between the technical and the physical is no easy task. This session explores the various tools available to help you think through this crucial strategic dilemma.

17:30 – 19:00
Networking Reception Honouring the 2019 Staffing 100 Europe | Exhibit Area
Sponsored by Bullhorn

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

08:45 – 09:30
Networking Breakfast & Exhibits Open | Exhibit Area
09:30 – 10:15

SME Track
Staffing in the New Age | Dickens
How are staffing firms likely to evolve over the next 10 years and how can you position your business to take advantage of opportunities and protect itself from threats? Technology is already changing the way staffing firms operate and the services they can provide. But it goes much further than that. What do you do when demographic trends really begin to kick in? When automation fundamentally transforms the nature of the jobs you fill? When new and low-cost gig economy competitors begin to make more inroads into contingent work supply? When new generations with new priorities enter the workforce? Or when the global economic downturn eventually arrives? Our panel will help you better understand the future challenges your business is likely to face and the options available to you.

Jo Matkin, Global Workforce Solutions Research Director, Staffing Industry Analysts

Ashley Lawrence, Chief Executive Officer, Trinnovo Group

Large Company Track
Curating Your Contingent Talent | Nelson
In a market with low unemployment and skills shortages, retaining talent is becoming a business necessity and the staffing firm that can best satisfy its temporary workers will have a keen competitive advantage. Beyond finding them the right assignments, during this session we will explore what you should be doing to grow, motivate and engage your candidate database. Plus, the role new technology will have in helping you to do this.

David Papapostolou, Sr. Research Analyst, CCWP, Staffing Industry Analysts

Pankaj Jindal, Co-Founder, Sense
10:15 – 10:45
Networking Break & Exhibits Open | Exhibit Area

SME Track
Challenges in Payrolling and Compliance: 2020 and Beyond | Dickens
From PSC’s to ZZP’s and 1099’s, whatever you call them independent contractors are in the sights of regulators globally. EU countries all operate according to different rules when it comes to their taxation systems but there is a common theme emerging with a crackdown on misclassification. However, payrolling a contingent workforce in Europe also involves complying with various layers of regulation and case law at an EU and domestic level. With a panel of contingent workforce compliance experts, we will explore the legal and operational issues impacting staffing firms and the role technology can play as the market evolves. We’ll also take a close look at changes to ‘off-payroll working rules’ (IR35) in the UK and measures in the Netherlands to counter false self-employment and what steps you should take to protect your business and your clients from enforcement action.

Fiona Coombe, Director, Legal & Regulatory Research, CCWP, Staffing Industry Analysts

Johanna Van Herreweghen, Counsel, Osborne Clarke
Jorgo Tsiris, Partner and Lawyer, Osborne Clarke
Ray Walker, Group Mangaing Director, IF Workforce Group

Large Company Track
Minority Report: Best Practice in Improving Diversity in Your Business | Nelson
Today, a multicultural workforce is a business necessity. Studies show that diverse companies consistently outperform non-diverse companies. Nevertheless, minorities are still noticeably under-represented at senior management levels in the staffing industry. Our panel will explore practices and policies to ensure your own business can benefit from inclusiveness covering minority issues relating to sex, ethnicity, race, religion, disability, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Francesca Profeta, Research Analyst & Coordinator, CCWP, Staffing Industry Analysts

Melanie Forbes, Group Managing Director, Rullion
Jane Hatton, Director, Evenbreak
11:30 – 11:45
Transition Break
11:45 – 12:30

SME Track
Cash is King | Dickens
The management of cash flow is at the very heart of any successful staffing business. You have obligations to promptly pay your temporary workers while your clients will do their very best to delay reimbursing you. So, how can you practically improve your receivables collection and extend payables? What is the role of finance and factoring in this? Our panel of experienced financial experts will provide you with tips and advice to ensure your business is successful and your cash flow is healthy.

Large Company Track
Acquiring for Growth | Nelson
Staffing M&A has been very active in 2019 but acquiring new businesses can be fraught with danger. Often, company cultures can conflict, and synergies fail to materialise. Where are the hot staffing sectors and regions? Our experienced panel explores the opportunities and pitfalls and provides common-sense advice on making and growing successful acquisitions.

Subadhra Sriram, Editor & Publisher, Media Products, Staffing Industry Analysts

Philip Albright, Head of Human Capital Sector, Goldenhill International M&A Advisors
Yvette Cleland, Chief Executive Officer, Clinical Professionals
Thomas Kardos, Managing Partner, Blackwood Capital Group (UK) Limited

Ideas in Action sessions showcase leading suppliers and their solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Efficient Margin Growth: Adding AI & Automation to your VMS Operating Model | Milton
Presented by Bullhorn

Over 35 billion GBP of EMEA recruitment revenue passes through a Vendor Management System each year. And while the margin for these jobs continues to be squeezed, many agencies are turning to innovation to create better margins than their competitors. In this session, leaders from Bullhorn’s team will share lessons learned on creating the most effective operating model to deliver in this environment. With speed and margins top of mind, we will outline opportunities to leverage AI and automation to deliver the right candidate to your customer faster and at a better margin than your competitors.

Mark Hummel, Director, Sales & Strategy, Bullhorn
Nick Staples, Senior Solutions Consultant, Bullhorn
12:30 – 14:00 Industry Sector Networking Lunch | Novello Restaurant & Exhibit Area

Women in Staffing Lunch | Milton
Sponsored by Bullhorn
14:00 – 15:15
Using Creativity and Innovation to Lead in the Digital Age | Wren
The staffng industry is facing a number of complex challenges as technology is shifting the ground around us and new market entrants treaten to tear up the rule book. Ramon Vullings is an engaging international keynote speaker, author of three management books on business creativity and cross-sector innovation. In our keynote presentation, Ramon will discuss the importance of cross-over cooperation between silos and sectors. Using his own research and based on his experience at PwC Consulting and IBM Business Consulting Services, he will explain how effective collaborations and partnerships can help to find new solutions and help you to lead your company through the digital age.

Ramon Vullings, speaker, cross-industry expert & ideaDJ
15:15 – 15:45 Networking Break & Exhibits Open | Exhibit Area
15:45 – 16:45
The Big Debates | Wren
Join us for our lively topical debate session where we will see two teams discussing three important strategic issues affecting the staffing industry. We invite you to share your own opinions via our interactive voting poll.

Debate 1: Innovation is more likely to come from outside the staffing industry than within it
Will the staffing industry be nimble enough and proactive enough to react to the threat of disintermediation or, like many other industries, will external innovation catch us unaware and undermine the traditional staffing business model.
Debate 2: Legislation and regulation will increasingly threaten the growth of contingent work
With ongoing scrutiny of the potentially destabilising impact of contingent work on workers, are we just at the beginning of a new cycle of increasingly onerous regulation and legislation? Will nationalism, protectionism and the trend away from free markets and free economies threaten the growth of staffing and contingent labour?
Debate 3: New technologies make it easier for organisations to manage their own hiring needs making staffing firms increasingly redundant
Organisations have more and more options available to them to source permanent and temporary staff. Is this self-sourcing a normal part of the business cycle or are we seeing the start of a fundamental shift in demand for staffing and other intermediaries enabled by new technologies?

2019 Executive Forum Europe Concludes

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Leonardo Royal Hotel
Located in the shadow of St. Paul’s Cathedral and just moments from the Millenium Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe and River Thames, Leonardo Royal Hotel (formerly The Grange Hotel) boasts unrivalled contemporary facilities in an historic location.


John Gaughan
John Gaughan

Finlay James


Jonathan Keen
Jonathan Keen

Cognitive Group | Microsoft Talent Solutions


Omar Akram
Omar Akram

Proco Global Group

Chief Operating Officer


19-20 November 2019


Leonardo Royal Hotel London St Paul's
10 Godliman Street
London, EC4V 5AJ