We sat down with Joel Robinstein, Associate Director & Data Recruitment Specialist at Precision Sourcing, to find out how their journey with cube19 has assisted in the growth of their agency.

Precision Sourcing are specialised data recruiters, so they’ve always been aware of how powerful understanding and using data is. When they realised they weren’t accessing or utilising data to help in the growth of their own organisation, the same way they were doing for their clients, their journey with cube began.

After 2 years of what continues to be an amazing partnership, Precision won the 2019 RI award for ‘Best Use of Technology in Recruitment’.

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“We believe that you can’t really be considered good at something unless you measure it.”

Joel Robinsten

“One of the hardest challenges in recruitment is trying to access and use data, making sure our Bullhorn data is accurate so that we are able to report the information from cube19 back to our clients. If we can get that right that should speed up every part of our process and work best for both candidates and clients.”

“cube is the interface of where everything happens quickly. It’s that click of a button functionality which really helps our consultants gage how they’re performing against their team, whilst framing a conversation for what good looks like.”

“It’s easy to use and it’s the front-facing part of all the data going into Bullhorn. The more functionality we get from cube in terms of data and reports the better it’s going to be in terms of reporting back to our clients.”

“cube19 gives the consultants the ability to report back on their own desk, since implementation we’ve developed with the tool.”

“It’s made the team more efficient. Rather than driving more revenue growth, if anything in a good way our revenues have gone down, but our margin and profits have gone up. Less work for more.”

“Before cube19 we were less aware of some of the clients we were working with. We would be taking far too many jobs, and sending far too many candidate’s CVs over to actually fill a job. cube19 helps us target the clients that are right for our business and ensures that we’re also the right recruiter for them. It’s a two-way street.”

“Getting cube into the existing system was the easiest part – it’s literally dragged into Bullhorn, which the team already worked well with. The hardest part about implementation was changing the process in place from being spreadsheet heavy, to logging into cube19 every day.”

“Now it’s used weekly, daily, monthly in every aspect of our business from leadership through to consultants.”

“Sometimes you just have those mornings when you don’t really know what you’ve been doing but you feel you’ve worked hard, cube19 shows you exactly what you’ve done, and therefore what you need to focus on next.”

“The biggest value from cube19 is ‘accuracy of knowledge’.” 

“No longer can someone just say something, everything’s backed up and available to everyone in the click of a button.”

“Your data must be a reflection of what happens in the real world. Making decisions based on data which is incomplete or inaccurate can be very dangerous.”

Dan McGuire
CEO cube19