cube19’s ANZ Sales Manager Jodie Rickett joined Andrew Rodger, founder of recMate on the latest RCSA ‘TechTalks’ Webinar.

In this insightful session, Jodie and Andrew discussed Recruitment Trends and why recruitment agencies should act like start-ups. Jodie also shares some of the trends and insights that cube19 has seen from it’s customer base, as-well as ways cube19 customers are shifting their business strategy to maximise opportunity.

Everything is changing. The entire world is disrupted, from the way we live, act and do business. 

Now is the time to take a look at how you currently run your business, and what changes you can make to be more strategic in your adaptation to economic changes.

How we adapt to the most profound economic changes most of us have ever faced is going to be the single biggest contributor to our future success.

Jodie believes that adopting a data driven mindset is the key to this success.

People and Data 

Recruitment agencies are at their best when they combine and optimise their two greatest assets, their people and their data.

There has never been a more important time to access real time data to support critical thinking. We use live time data in all areas of our personal lives, from checking the weather, to tracking our steps, and using google maps for directions. So why should it be any different in terms of our business’s health?

Recruitment Trends

After the sharp drop in number of placements, jobs added and interviews, for both permanent and contract roles across ANZ, it’s promising to see the recovery process begin.

None of us saw this coming, however there really is no excuse to be unprepared for a future downturn, or a possible second wave of Covid-19.

If your market is picking up, what will it look like? If we do see the rebound that we are hoping for, are you ready to take advantage of it and capitalise on it?

The time to prepare for future opportunities and threats is now. They say knowledge is power, but knowledge is only power if it’s available when you need it. Whether it is available or not is a choice that every leader now has the chance to review and make.